Update: Our 24 finalist projects are now live and ready for crowdfunding at! Take a look and contribute to the projects you’re excited about in exchange for cool rewards.

We’ve seen a huge jump in the number or projects pitched to the Popular Science #CrowdGrant Challenge in the past few days. We’ve also read a lot of sob stories about just learning of #CrowdGrant, and not having time to submit.

Wipe away those tears: We’re extending the deadline to June 30 at 11:59 pm EDT (i.e. all submissions due before midnight). All other deadlines will remain in place for now, including the July 15 crowdfunding launch day and the August 30 close for crowdfunding.


Help crowdfund our finalists through Aug. 30.

If you’ve already submitted a project for review, you now have two more weeks to refine it. And if you haven’t submitted yet, now is your chance!

We’ve also received a lot of questions about #CrowdGrant. Here are the most frequently asked, followed by some answers:

  • Q: How do I submit a project? A: Start your project using this link. For more details, please read our first announcement about #CrowdGrant.
  • Q: The submission form asks me to enter a launch date. What should it be? We’ll manually adjust this to July 15. Simply enter the soonest date that the calendar allows you to, even if it’s today’s date.
  • Q: What happens to my project if it’s not picked? Projects that don’t meet what we’re looking for won’t just fall into a black hole. Instead, RocketHub will review each one and decide whether or not to launch it independent of #CrowdGrant.
  • Q: How do I get selected? Submit an exciting project idea with a good rewards system and strong video appeal. For more advice on that, see our previous #CrowdGrant post.
  • Q: When do I find out if I made it? A: We’ll begin telling finalists on July 8. By July 15, all project leaders will know whether or not they’ve been selected.

And that’s it for now. In case you don’t know the criteria for #CrowdGrant, here’s the 411:

Editors at Popular Science and experts at RocketHub will review, vet, and select all #CrowdGrant finalists. Winning submissions will attempt to make the world a better place while embodying the innovative spirit that Popular Science greatly values. Submissions should be related to science, technology, mathematics, or engineering.

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