November 2012: Materials Of The Future


Material World

The smarter, safer, stronger, far-out future of stuff By Sarah Fecht, Lauren Aaronson, and Laura Geggel

  • Plus: Milestones of Matter

The Deep-Space Suit

Astronauts can only travel so far in existing space suits. What will it take to see the universe? By Erik Sofge

  • Plus: The Science Of Fictional Space Suits

Appetite For Destruction

Sometimes, the best way to improve a new material is to beat the hell out of it By Gregory Mone

Space Metal

What do scientists know about mining’s final frontier? By Laura Geggel and Katie Peek

Andrea Rossi’s Black Box

A lone Italian inventor says he has built a machine that can power the world. Could the answer to humanity’s energy troubles be so simple? By Steve Featherstone

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