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Future Energy

The Last Drops

Oil won’t run the world forever, but it will for the next few decades. What’s the smartest way to get from here to a greener energy economy? by Paul Roberts

How Power Happens

Where does U.S. energy come from, and where does it go? by Fathom Information Design

Next-Gen Nukes

Nuclear power is risky, but it’s also an essential source of clean energy. Two new reactor designs can make it safer by Kalee Thompson

Fusion Energy

**Our dependence on big systems–big oil, big coal–steers us away from little ones, such as biofuel made from garbage, that are transforming communities in other countries
** by Brooke Borel

Space-Based Solar Power

Satellites that capture light from the sun and beam power back to Earth by Corey Binns

The Low-Hanging Fruit

Human waste gives off gas that happens to be an excellent, cheap fuel. Will the developed world ever welcome the power of sewage? by Hillary Rosner

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