We don’t do a whole lot of looking back here at Popular Science, but as the site winds down for the holiday season, I’d like to take a moment to thank our readers (you!) for making 2010 a great year. We hope you’ve enjoyed reading the site as much as we’ve enjoyed editing and writing it for you.

Here’s a list of some of my favorite recent original features for your holiday reading pleasure.

We’ll be finishing the year with some additional Testing the Best posts next week, detailing our hands-on experiences with many of our Best of What’s New award winners. We’ll be back with regularly scheduled programming on January 3, 2011, ready to hit the ground running into the Consumer Electronics Show starting that week.

But if that’s not enough to tide you over, please enjoy some of our best recent work:


The Unexpected Rebirth of the Flying Car

How the 21st-century military may make one of our wildest and longest-held dreams come true


SciMall Gift Guide: 15 Science Supply Items For Your Holiday Experiments

This year, shop SciMall for glowing rodents, animal guillotines, and more


1927 Model T Triumphs Over 164 Modern Machines In Punishing Endurance Race

See what happens when a 1927 Model T and a 1986 Mustang come together in an unholy (but fast!) union


Science’s Favorite Self-Experimenters, Self-Endangerers, and Self-Agonizers

Science needs the fearless


The Pioneer Anomaly, a 30-Year-Old Cosmic Mystery, May Be Resolved At Last

What is the mystery force slowing down the Pioneer spacecraft? Do we finally know the answer?


The Most Amazing Science Images of 2010

Enjoy our favorite pictures of the year, all in one place


You Are Here: How Digital Maps Are Changing the Landscape of the 21st Century

Mapmakers have more power than ever. But who are the mapmakers?


How Secure Is Julian Assange’s “Thermonuclear” Insurance File?

Could Wikileaks’s most damaging files be hacked too early?


How to Set Up Your Living Room for Microsoft Kinect

Welcome to the future. Now here’s how to prepare your space for it


Hacking Microsoft’s Kinect: Two Weeks In, Six Amazing Projects

The most futuristic device you can have in your living room…hacked

Twelve Extreme Animal Modifications in the Name of Science

Mouse milk (for people), spider-goats, pain-free cattle, and nine more


Why I Eat Lion and Other Exotic Meats

Why do people seek out yaks, bears, and other exotic eatables? An enthusiast tells why, and how


Racing to Save Bats From Catastrophic Extinction, Biologists Turn to New Tools

Biologists seek new methods and technologies to help control a potentially devastating ecological disaster


Scenes From a Drone Trade Show

Take a photo tour of AUVSI, the Association for Unmanned Vehicle Systems International trade show in Denver