October 2010: The Future of the Home

Extreme habitats for a changing world, inside the world's most dangerous weather, instant expertise, and more


Life on the Edge: Four Visions for Inhabiting a Transformed World

Conceptual shelters that will protect us all from rising waters, extreme heat, rampant pollution, and overpopulation** By Suzanne LaBarre**

The World’s First Everything-Proof Underground Luxury Community

Meet Robert Vicino, doomsday real-estate developer. For $50,000, he’ll sell you a spot in his luxury apocalypse-bunker community By Arnie Cooper

The Green Dream: Hard-Won Advice From a Proud and Exhausted Green Builder

Bringing it all home By John B. Carnett

The Most Ambitious Weather Experiment: a 1,000-Square-Mile Tornado Trap

How 140 scientists look inside the world’s most dangerous weather By Corey Binns

Instant Expert

Our annual guide to the science that you need to know now

Dirty Cosmos
This map of cosmic dust particles could help astronomers understand how stars and planets form. By Katie Peek

Unnatural Gas
Mining natural gas from shale is cheap but could spoil nearby waters. Here’s how to wrest fuel from the rocks. By Corey Binns

Rebuilt Minds
New drugs could help scientists understand memory formation and stop age-related memory loss. By Elizabeth Svoboda

Easy Freshwater
Desalination techniques are more efficient than ever. Could this process be the answer to our water woes? By Katharine Gammon


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