September 2010: The College Issue


Secret Military Technology in the Age of Terrorism

The Pentagon’s classified “black” budget is bigger than it was during the Cold War, but the battlefield has changed completely. Popular Science reveals the secrets of America’s 21st-century arsenal.** By Sharon Weinberger**

The Dangerous Search for Afghanistan’s Mother Lode

The Pentagon has put a $1-trillion price tag on Afghanistan’s mineral wealth, but finding and extracting the riches won’t be easy. By Matthieu Aikins

Mind-Blowing College Labs

The courses that teach you to climb trees, use explosives and solve murders.

2010 Scouting Guide to the Top High-School Inventors

While their peers obsess on Facebook, these teens are solving some of the world’s biggest problems.

The 10 Best Jobs Of The Future

In 2020, you could be flying space planes, reading minds, or curing disease in the womb. Start building the perfect résumé now. By Ben Paynter


What’s New

  • The Goods: September 2010’s Hottest Gadgets
  • Lightweight Solar Panels That Mimic Wall-Crawling Ivy
  • **The Technology That Drives the World’s Fastest Electric Bike**
  • **Real-Life Replicators to Fabricate Just About Any Object**
  • **LEDs Dethrone Compact Fluorescents as the King of Eco-Friendly Lightbulbs**

How 2.0



  • A Floating Crane Hauls up a South Korean Warship
  • A Noxious Mess Washes Up on Alabama’s Shore

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