January 2010 Issue: The New Space Rush


In 2010, The Civilian Space Industry Finally Takes Off

Who needs the space shuttle? Take a tour inside the private space industry and its innovative, efficient plans to get astronauts into space when NASA retires its old ride By Sam Howe Verhovek

Your Guide to the Year in Science: 2010

A deeper look at polar ice. An electric-car renaissance. The death and rebirth of major scientific experiments. Read on to discover what this year has in store

Greetings From Future Camp

According to Ray Kurzweil, the Singularity is a point at which man will become one with machine and then live eternally—which makes Singularity University, a nine-week academic retreat named for the concept, sound a little cultish. Our writer traveled west to investigate and found 40 stunningly sane brainiacs out to change the world. By Josh Dean

James Cameron’s Avatar: Inside the Scene-Stealing 3-D Technology

**By John Scott Lewinski

Green Dream: Installing a Rooftop Garden

Rooftop greenery guards against water damage and bland mealsBy John B. Carnett


What’s New

  • Cellphone Watches Aren’t Just for Dick Tracy Anymore
  • Audi’s Electric Supercar
  • Sensors to Record Snowboarders Every Move
  • Electricity Without Wires
  • Track Household Electricity Use with Web-Connected Monitors

How 2.0