January 2010 Issue: The New Space Rush

Who needs NASA? This year, the civilian space industry finally takes off

January 2010


Who needs the space shuttle? Take a tour inside the private space industry and its innovative, efficient plans to get astronauts into space when NASA retires its old ride By Sam Howe Verhovek

A deeper look at polar ice. An electric-car renaissance. The death and rebirth of major scientific experiments. Read on to discover what this year has in store

According to Ray Kurzweil, the Singularity is a point at which man will become one with machine and then live eternally—which makes Singularity University, a nine-week academic retreat named for the concept, sound a little cultish. Our writer traveled west to investigate and found 40 stunningly sane brainiacs out to change the world. By Josh Dean

**By John Scott Lewinski

Rooftop greenery guards against water damage and bland mealsBy John B. Carnett


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