As you can see, we’ve freshened things up a bit here today. We’ve tweaked the site’s navigation a bit to make things clearer to read and easier to find the articles you seek. Here’s what’s new.

We’re now sorting our articles and galleries into five main topics: Gadgets, Cars, Science, Technology and DIY. We’ve folded some of our own main categories into new ones to make things easier: Entertainment & Gaming is now part of the Gadgets category (gaming content will be tagged “video games” going forward); Military, Aviation and Space articles are now a part of technology (now categorized individually via the military, aviation, and space tags, natch); and Environment articles are now a subset of the Science category.

If you were using any of our main category RSS feeds, you’ll need to update your subscriptions to the new category feeds to keep getting new content. You can still subscribe to individual tags’ RSS feeds of course.

And lastly, our DIY section now has its own special look. We’re going to be doing much more there in the weeks and months to come, so keep watching.

Thanks everyone for reading as always, hope you like the new changes. We’ve got some more improvements coming up soon!