Student Radicals

There's still talk of revolution on campuses. But the 21st-century student has something very different from anarchy on the mind--think hydrogen cars and homes on the moon

Jake Loniak is a college junior, he's also the inventor of one of the most innovative concept vehicles we've seen in ages. Inside: the electric exoskeleton motorcycle and an exclusive video of the beast in action

A hydrogen-powered carbon-fiber go-kart built by 40 undergrads hits 60 mph and sports an ultra-capacitor for rapid acceleration

A college class mines the Android for a set of apps that will change the way we phone

When a tornado leveled Greensburg, Kansas a class of college students took it on to help rebuild the town - with an eye on the environment

Hoboken students devise a tiny prototype scout copter

"Folding" light again and again provides a lot of magnification in a small space

A pogo stick provides inspiration for more lifelike robotic motion

Reusing exhaust makes for a cleaner, more capable engine