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Bluetooth speakers

Anker Amazon


For all you people blasting music out of your phone speakers, stop! Add some bass to your tunes with one of Amazon’s three deals on Anker Bluetooth speakers. The SoundCore mini is $17, the waterproof SoundCore Sport XL is $42, and the portable SoundCore Sport—great for the shower—is now $25.

Adjustable-weight kettlebell set

PowerBlock KettleBlock Amazon


Today on Amazon, you can snag this PowerBlock KettleBlock for 38 percent off—now $155. Instead of making room for eight kettleballs in your home, the PowerBlock combines them into one. The handle itself weighs eight pounds, but you can adjust the weight by 12, 20, 25, 30, 35, and 40 ell-bees.

Wireless Qi Charger

Samsung Amazon


Samsung’s fast-charge, wireless charging QI stand is currently 60 percent off. It’s now $28, which is the cheapest I’ve seen. It has an LED light to tell you your phone is properly aligned and has a good connection.

Shovels and snow blowers

Snow Joe Amazon


Snow removal products are also on sale today, and the lineup includes the SHOVELUTION snow shovel, which claims to help reduce back pain. There’s also an electric snow thrower for 58 percent off. All items can be found here.

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Billy Cadden

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