Animatron lets you create awesome videos with little know-how

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When you have something to sell or a message to get across, video is your friend. Animatron Studio Pro is an innovative platform that lets you create captivating animations without any special design skills. Used by the likes of Google, NASA, Facebook, and Disney, this WYSIWYG studio is your passport to better conversions and social media success. You can currently get lifetime access for only $49.99 via the PopSci Shop.

The statistics are pretty compelling: putting an intro video on your site increases conversions by 80 percent. But how do you create a video when you have zero production experience? That’s where Animatron Studio comes in. This user-friendly software helps you to drag and drop your way to great video content.

The app offers free access to thousands of characters, objects and backgrounds, meaning you don’t have to create your own graphics. You can customize everything, and upload your own photos and camera footage. The video editing features are easy to work with, and you can export your animation as a video, an animated GIF, or an HTML5 banner. As a result, you can create great presentations and online ads with this app.

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