Symphony of Light

Intel flew 100 LED-equipped drones in the air choreographed to the beat of Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony, creating a robotic light show.

Seeing Stars

Astronomers discovered what may be the most powerful supernova ever seen, according to a new study in Science. The star explosion is 570 billion times brighter than our sun.

Otherworldly Underwater Creatures

Diver and photographer Alexander Semenov captured otherworldly underwater photos including this one of a lion’s mane jellyfish in the White Sea.

Shape-Shifting Worm

The nematode worm, recently discovered inside figs, is capable of shape-shifting into five different forms, the New Scientist reported.


A color image of Pluto’s surface reveals what appears to be a giant ice volcano, which is estimated to be about 2.5 miles high, according to NASA.

Newly Tagged Cubs

Biologists found two mountain lion kittens inside a den in the Santa Monica Mountains last month and tagged the cubs with GPS trackers, Discovery News reported. They’ve been tracking the cubs’ mother since she was a cub, as well as other mountain lions in the area since 2002.

Ice Toupee

“Hair ice”is a fungus-water hybrid that forms during a unique combination when high humidity levels coincide with temperatures around zero degrees celsius. Several people have reported spotting seeing it this winter in Scotland.

Smoggy Skies

Scott Kelly snapped this shot from space showing air pollution clouding over India.

Leg-Waving Spider

A new species of jumping spider that waves paddle-shaped legs at potential mates was discovered by Jürgen Otto of the Australian Department of Agriculture in Sydney, the New Scientist reported.