Actress, writer, author, and all-around awesome person Amy Poehler has long been a proponent of girl’s education and empowerment. That’s what her Smart Girl’s project is dedicated to. Now, the website has created a new web series aimed at teenage girls and focused entirely on science, called “Experimenting With Megan Amram.”

Amram, a comedian and writer is no stranger to blending satire and science. She wrote a fake textbook in the style of Cosmopolitan magazine called Science…For Her! As for her current project, “Amram plays what’s essentially a female stereotype equivalent to Stephen Colbert’s version of a conservative,” says the A.V. Club. In this case, that means she is totally focused on appearance and superficial things. But in between the over-the-top character’s outbursts, the show adds some hefty doses of science.

In creating a “biological clock out of a potato,” Amram shows how to build a clock using a potato for a battery. The full instructions are available on the Smart Girls website. She also interviews Beverley McKeon, a noted aeronautics professor at CalTech.

The next episode, to air on August 10, will feature an interview with Sara Wasserman, a neuroscientist.