A Stroke of Shear Genius

by Gregor Halenda

Chainsaws are for lumberjacks, but cutting shears don´t have the chomping power to clean up yard debris aprs storm. The ultimate compromise: the Alligator Lopper, which is essentially a pair of shears with a mini chainsaw where the top blade should be. It carries a 4.5-amp electric motor on a 6.5-pound frame-about half the weight of most chainsaws-so even pruning overhead limbs is no problem.

The jaws grip with fixed lower teeth while the low-kickback chain cuts; two tensioning nuts [A] keep the spring-loaded chain at your desired tightness; and dual safety triggers [B] prevent accidental start-ups. Bring on the spring storms.


Alligator Lopper**

Chainsaw Length 6 inches
Cutting Capacity Branches up to 4 inches in diameter
Power Corded 4.5-amp motor
Size 22.3 x 8.1 x 9.4 inches
Weight 6.5 pounds
Price $100
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