These AirPod alternatives are on sale for just $40

Enjoy wireless, quality sound without the huge price tag.

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For many of us, true wireless earbuds seem like an expensive luxury. Being tethered to your phone is a daily nuisance, but it is something we have all learned to accept. But what if you could claim your audio freedom without breaking the bank? The AirSounds Pro True Wireless Earbuds offer exceptional sound, sleek style, and wireless charging—and you can get them for just $39.99 at the PopSci Shop.

If you enjoy listening to music or podcasts throughout the day, investing in true wireless audio is a smart move. The AirSounds Pro earbuds use the latest Bluetooth technology to deliver rich audio without making you tango with cables. You get four hours of playback on a full charge, and they pair with your devices automatically.

The earbuds come with a charging case, which holds enough juice for an extra eight hours of listening time. In addition, the case provides good protection when the earbuds are out of service.

Plus, they don’t look half bad either. They borrow their modern aesthetic from Apple, with a sleek white shell and ergonomic shape.

They’re normally priced at $259.98, but you can get the AirSounds Pro earbuds now for $39.99.