The AirBeans X earbuds deliver cutting-edge wireless sound for under $55

Cut the cord completely and enjoy hours of audio with the supplied charging case.

Thanks to advances in wireless technology, personal audio is finally breaking free. The HomeSpot AirBeans X True Wireless Earbuds deliver stunning sound without any cables in sight. Unlike most earbuds, these also offer noise reduction to cut out distractions. You can grab them now for just $54.99 via the Popular Science Shop.

Whereas many so-called ‘wireless buds’ are still tethered in some way, the AirBeans are completely unattached. They utilize Bluetooth 4.2 to provide wireless audio without any hiss or crackle. Even discerning audiophiles will enjoy the sound quality, and the built-in noise reduction technology will make your morning commute more relaxing than ever.

The splash-proof design is great for the gym, and the AirBeans come with three different tip sizes to ensure a snug fit. You also get a magnetic charging case, which keeps the earbuds charged throughout the day. This combination provides over 8 hours of battery life for music or hands-free calls. As if that wasn’t enough, the AirBeans are equipped with echo cancellation for better call quality.

They’re normally $69.99, but you can currently get the HomeSpot AirBeans X Earbuds for $54.99. Order now to start listening and save 21 percent off MSRP.