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Cozyna Air Fryer
Air fryer Amazon

Nobody’s going to say that deep-fried foods are anything but ambrosial, but but but they’re likely not the key to a long and happy life. Plus all that oil is expensive. There is a healthier option—a device that’s also way easier to use than a deep-fat fryer. The Cozyna air fryer requires less oil to get your fries crispy. Similar to a convection oven, the air fryer uses a fan to rapidly recirculate air back to the top of the machine. It means less oil, less expense, and less lingering onion ring smell.

The 1500-watt air fryer can hold 3.2 liters. It can bake, grill, and roast foods pretty well, too. The machine is dishwasher safe and comes with two cookbooks. $100.

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