A.I. Made This Dress With ‘Too Much Side Boob’ For The Met Gala

Patience, Grasshopper
Lisa Maria Falcone== Costume Institute Benefit at The Met Celebrates Opening of "Manus x Machina" Exhibition== The Metropolitan Museum of Art, NYC== May 2, 2016== Photo - Clint Spaulding/PMC== (PatrickMcMullan.com via AP Images) Clint Spaulding

What do you get when an artificial intelligence program designs a dress for a socialite to wear to the annual Met Gala? You get this form-fitting, bespeckled, semi-transparent garment worn by Lisa Maria Falcone. The dress, created by an A.I. developed in algorithm editing software Grasshopper, actually originally had “too much side boob” and had to be reconfigured by its human collaborators, according to Vogue. I have the fashion sense of a straight white male blogger, but to my eyes, it fits in quite well with the many other eye-catching outfits on display at the event (themed “Manus x Machina” this year, which inspired much futuristic attire).

[H/T: The Huffington Post]