Name your price on this huge artificial intelligence learning library

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It’s pretty clear that artificial intelligence will have a major impact on the future. We can already see the technology hard at work in self-driving cars and smart voice assistants. The AI & Deep Learning Bundle helps you master the code behind these amazing machines, with 8 ebooks and 41 video tutorials. Right now, you can pay what you like for the training (worth $691) at the PopSci Shop.

From finance to healthcare, there are many potential uses for artificial intelligence. With all the tech giants investing heavily in this technology, there are many great jobs on offer for skilled developers. This bundle offers a comprehensive introduction to both AI and deep learning, helping you build your own intelligent apps from scratch.

The ebook library covers a variety of popular languages and tools, including Python, Hadoop, Java, R, and Keres. Each ebook walks you through the basics, before letting you loose on exciting projects. You also get four hours of video lessons, split between two courses. The tutorials help you master TensorFlow and deep learning with Python—again, with plenty of projects to try.

You can name your price on Deep Learning with Hadoop. Simply beat the average price paid to unlock lifetime access to the full bundle, worth $691.