No matter where your interests lie, Adobe’s Creative Cloud is probably the most powerful creative toolkit currently available. This impressive software suite is used by most designers, photographers, video producers, and other creative professionals.

If you want to turn pro yourself, the Adobe CC Lifetime Mastery Bundle can help you master the apps through nine courses and 40 hours of video tutorials. Right now, you can pay what you want for the training at the PopSci Shop. Here’s a look at four great things you can achieve with this bundle.

1. Develop Wireframes for Apps and Websites with Illustrator

While the good people of Dribbble often obsess over the beautiful details, the most important part of any successful site is the layout. The best way to test different layouts is by creating wireframe models—something you can achieve easily in Illustrator. The app lets you set up your canvas and draw elements with ease. You can then play around with the different sections, and get a feel for how your site is going to look.

The Mastery Bundle includes a two-part masterclass on Illustrator, which shows you how to create new vector designs from scratch.

2. Find the Perfect Font in Photoshop

Typography is an underappreciated part of design. Whether you’re creating a poster or designing an epic digital billboard, your choice of font sets the visual tone.

Finding the perfect font for any given project can be tricky. But if you stumble upon some beautiful text online, Photoshop’s Font Match tool can help you track down the font or find the nearest equivalent.

You can learn about lettering and much more in the Mastery Bundle, with two courses that focus on Photoshop.

3. Create Simple Animations with InDesign

Adobe InDesign is a popular desktop publishing software that lets you create beautiful printed materials and digital content.

If you’re planning to publish a digital magazine or your own app, you might want to create some stylish animations. InDesign lets you do this, with a plethora of settings for movement, speed, timing, and more. As a result, you can craft beautiful slide-ins and make your headlines bounce.

The Mastery Bundle covers all the essentials of InDesign, with five hours of hands-on tutorials.

4. Design Responsive Websites from Scratch via Dreamweaver

With more than half of all online traffic now on mobile, it’s pretty important that your website looks good on small screens. Coding a responsive site from scratch can be labor intensive, but Dreamweaver makes the process much more straightforward.

The Fluid Grid Layout feature automatically handles all the CSS media queries, meaning you can concentrate on the finer details. Your finished site will look perfect on smartphones, tablets and desktop machines.

You can learn about fluid layouts and many other key features of Dreamweaver, with 6.5 hours of video content in the Mastery Bundle.

Creative Masterclass

To grab the Mastery Bundle and start learning about Adobe CC, simply name your price on two of the courses. Beat the average price paid to unlock the full lineup, worth $384.