Learn Microsoft Excel from a to z with 45 hours of certification training

You can get the bundle now for just $49.

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In most top companies, there is data behind every decision. For obvious reasons, people with number-crunching skills are in demand. If you want to improve your résumé or start a career as a data analyst, the A to Z Microsoft Excel Certification Training Bundle should be your starting point. This learning library includes eight courses, covering all there is to know about Excel. You can get it now for just $49 at the PopSci Shop.

If you work behind a desk, chances are that you have used Excel before. But how well do you really know the software? The most powerful tools are overlooked.

This bundle helps you get the most out of Excel, with 45 hours of hands-on training. The video tutorials start from scratch, helping you create and format your first spreadsheet. Folks with more confidence can jump straight into formulas and functions, along with data models and visualization. The courses also help you create pivot tables, code with VBA and build your own macros.

You should come away with a mastery of Excel, and eight certificates of completion to add to your résumé.

Order now for $49 to grab the bundle (worth $1,600), and use code WEEKEND60 for 60 percent off the deal price.

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