6 great gifts for aspiring space cadets

These deals are out of this world.

Many kids want to be astronauts when they grow up. Of course, only a handful of people will ever leave Earth and become real space explorers. But for the friend who still dreams about visiting the stars, these space-themed gifts should fill the void—now with up to 31 percent off the PopSci Shop.

AstroReality Pluto Classic AR Model
AstroReality Pluto Classic AR Model Stack Commerce

Pluto may no longer be classified as a planet, but it’s still one of the most fascinating parts of our solar system. This perfect scale model lets you hold that distant dwarf in the palm of your hand, while the companion app uses augmented reality to point out notable features on the surface. It’s now 13 percent off at $59.99.

AstroReality Mars Classic & AR Notebook Bundle
AstroReality Mars Classic & AR Notebook Bundle Stack Commerce

For fans of the Red Planet, this Mars model from AstroReality makes a brilliant gift. Based on NASA topography data, this 3D-printed planet offers a detailed view of our nearest neighbor. The AstroReality app also provides a guided tour. You can get it now with the Mars AR notebook for $69—that’s 22 percent off.

Strellas Personalized Digital Star Maps
Strellas Personalized Digital Star Maps Stack Commerce

Ever wondered what the night sky looked like on the day you were born? What about the day you got engaged? Strellas Star Maps help you rewind the clock, providing an accurate view of the stars at any place and time in the past. You can get a digital version now for $20 (normally $29).

Levimoon Levitating Light
Levimoon Levitating Light Stack Commerce

With Levimoon on your nightstand, you can gaze at the Sea of Tranquility every night as you drift off to sleep. This beautiful model floats above a solid wood base, providing gentle light at bedtime. It even has two color settings to mimic the appearance of the Moon in the night sky. Normally $289, Levimoon is now $199.99.

Space Art Posters
Space Art Posters Stack Commerce

Printed on 100lb photo paper, these stunning posters will delight any space nerd. There are three designs to choose from: a 3D view of the Andromeda galaxy, as captured by J-P Metsavainio; a printed transcript from Apollo 11 radio calls; and a stunning illustration of an astronaut. You can grab them now for $19.95 each.

Sparko Sweets Galaxy Lollipops
Sparko Sweets Galaxy Lollipops Stack Commerce

These hand-crafted sweets are made to look exactly like the planets of our solar system. Each pack of ten includes six delicious flavors, and they come in a special presentation box. You can get a 10-pack now for $22, saving 11 percent off the MSRP.