5 EDC keychains you need right now

Add a little utility to your daily routine and save up to 25 percent.

For all the recent advances in smartphone technology, most door locks still rely on physical keys. For this reason, you probably never leave home without your keychain. Many everyday carry (EDC) essentials are designed to come along for the ride. From rugged multi-tools to discreet bottle openers, these five keychain accessories are sure to improve your day—now with up to 25 precent off MSRP at the Popular Science Shop.

Extended KeySmart
Extended KeySmart Stack Commerce

Carrying around a big ol’ bunch of keys can be pretty frustrating. Apart from the bulk, you can never find the key you need. You can solve this problem with the Extended KeySmart organizer (was $21.98, now $19.99). Like OrbitKey, this device holds your keys flat. As a result, you can fit twice the keys in half the space.

In addition, KeySmart makes it easier to open doors with one hand or after dark. Each key swivels out for use, and then folds back in. Milled from stainless steel in the USA, this organizer also provides great protection. Your keys can’t get scratched or bent, and neither can they injure other items in your bag.

The Pry.Me Bottle Opener
The Pry.Me Bottle Opener Stack Commerce

Fun fact: by the time you feel thirsty, your body is already dehydrated. The Pry.Me Bottle Opener ($10.99 each) should ensure you always have access to refreshment. Made from sandstone-finished grade-5 titanium, this tiny opener is actually the world’s smallest.

It can theoretically hold 164,000 times its own weight, so a bottle cap should offer little resistance. What’s more, you will barely notice it on the supplied stainless steel key ring. You can purchase these openers singly, get two for $21.99, or grab three for $26.99.

Orbitkey 2.0 with Multitool
Orbitkey 2.0 with Multitool Stack Commerce

Just keeping all your keys organized can be difficult at times. In addition, large bunches can be extremely painful in your pocket. The Orbitkey 2.0 with Multitool (was $46.90, now $34.90) solves these problems by making your keys lie flat. This organizer can hold between two and seven keys, secured by a locking nut. They slide neatly inside a protective canvas loop.

You also get several useful tools, which can be swapped in and out. The kit includes a bottle opener, a multi-size hex wrench, a flat-head screwdriver, a box cutter, and a file. It means you get the best functions of a Swiss Army knife, without the bulk.

Key Safe
Key Safe Stack Commerce

Stuff like five-dollar bills and medication can easily get lost in your bag. With the Key Safe (was $19.95, now $17.95), you have a secure cache for all these items. This tiny bottle is completely waterproof, and constructed from sand-blasted 304 stainless steel. Inside, there’s room for cash, medication, and even a small pencil.

The sleek design features a watertight screw top, so your dollars won’t ever get soggy. The top also has a strong loop for attaching the bottle to your keychain. Key Safe comes in two finishes: black and natural stainless steel.

Beta-QR Quick Release Keychain Flashlight
Beta-QR Quick Release Keychain Flashlight Stack Commerce

Now that we are past the equinox, the days are gradually getting shorter in the northern hemisphere. You can prepare for the long nights ahead with the tiny Beta-QR Quick Release Keychain Flashlight (was $59, now $52.99). It’s barely bigger than an AAA battery, but this little accessory outdoes flashlights twice the size.

The Beta-QR delivers impressive power, thanks to state-of-the-art lighting technology. The high color rendering LED makes the night look very much like day. The hardware is packaged in sleek anodized aluminum, with a quick-release attachment. This allows you to unhook the flashlight with ease—pull to release, push to reattach. The Beta-QR comes in four colors: black, brass, nickel, and copper.