5 Of The Coldest Places Where Science Is Happening

Brrrr... illiant!
Living on a hovercraft in the arctic might sound like a modern-day version of Hatchet--or worse, To Start A Fire--but the researchers of the Fram expedition are well-equipped and prepared for life on the ice. The ship, named the Sabvabba is stationed in the Arctic for 18 months (though they will be changing crews this month or next), where it will be studying the seabed and the sea ice. Center for Coastal and Ocean Mapping Joint Hydrographic Center

This winter is so cold. How cold is it? Thanks for asking. This winter is so cold that one lobster scientist in Maine has been trapped on her island home/research station for 32 days. The ice surrounding her island makes it impossible to leave by boat. She has plenty of food stored up for both herself and her dog, but some of her friends decided to drop off some care packages by tossing boxes out of an airplane window (it was a small airplane, don’t freak out.)

Chilly situations are nothing new for some scientists. Take a look at some other very cold locations where science is sizzling, despite the cold temperature.

R.V. *Lance*
Palmer Station, Antarctica