These earbuds deliver home theater sound on the move for less than $80

The future of audio is now 52 percent off MSRP.

While regular ol’ stereo audio gets the job done, movies and games always seem so much more immersive with surround sound. Now, you can enjoy that experience wherever you go. The 360 5.1 Virtual Surround Sound Earbuds deliver incredible 3D audio that mimics a full speaker system, complete with subwoofer. Better still, they are just $72 at the PopSci Shop. And you can use special coupon code JULY4TH for 15 percent off this deal and more (valid through 7/8).

Endorsed by industry experts, these earphones offer something very new. By separating out the different frequencies, they are able to replicate the 3D effect of surround sound. Instead of just watching an on-screen battle, you suddenly feel like the arrows are whistling past your head.

To make the effect convincing, the 360 Earphones are packed with high-quality audio components. A special viscoelastic material inside the shell helps to refine the sound and cut down noise. You also get the same kind of rumble that you would expect from a subwoofer. Aside from movies and games, these earphones are great for everyday listening. You can even use them to take calls via the built-in mic.

Worth $150, the 360 Earphones are now only $72—that’s 52 percent off. Don’t forget to use code JULY4TH for 15 percent off at checkout.