3-D Print Your Own Humanoid Robot Friend

It shakes hands, it dances, and it's all open-source

Friendly humanoid robots, a staple of science fiction, may soon staff stores, hotels, airports, hospitals, and even our own homes. Not everyone will be able to afford a shiny robot companion—but anyone can 3-D print one.

InMoov uses its moving mouth and eyes, articulated arms, and wheeled locomotion to respond to voice and joystick commands. Because it’s open source, savvy DIY-ers can print copies of InMoov’s hands or head, assemble their own InMoov, or modify its design and programming as they please. (In fact, Popular Science saw InMoov bodies and arms at other Maker Faire stands.) Check out InMoov and its inventor in this video, created by our partner Portico.

Popular Science went to the 2015 Bay Area Maker Faire to find the craziest, coolest, and most mind-blowing projects. Watch all our Maker Faire videos here. Or view the full-length show at Portico.tv.