Upgrade your home office with an iMac 21.5-inch Apple refurb for $379

It has HD graphics and a dual-core 3.1GHz Intel processor.

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Among desktop computers, one device stands out from the crowd. The iMac 21.5-inch is powerful and elegant, with a beautiful display and no tower to fill your desk. Of course, not everyone has the cash to buy new. But right now, you can pick up an Apple refurb with Intel i3 dual-core processor for just $379 at the PopSci Shop.

The i3-2100 iMac might be a few years old now, but this desktop beast still has a lot to give. Inside that iconic aluminum shell, Apple has managed to squeeze an impressive array of computing power.

For instance, that dual-core processor is powerful enough for any kind of multi-tasking. You can easily run creative apps, and an ATI Radeon HD 6750M graphics processor allows you to enjoy high-quality gaming. Meanwhile, the glossy 21.5-inch display brings colors to life at full HD resolution.

This model comes with 4GB of RAM, which you can upgrade if you need to. You also get 250GB of internal storage and fast Wi-Fi connectivity. In addition, every Apple refurb is checked by an Apple Authorized technician.

Order now for $379 to get this desktop beast, worth $1,199.

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