Start your career in game development with 83 hours of hands-on training

Master Unity, create games for iOS, and save hundreds on the instruction.

Now is an exciting time to become a game developer. Budgets at the big studios continue to expand, and indie developers are more successful than ever. The 2017 Zero to Hero Game Developer Bundle gives you the skills to succeed in the industry via nine courses and 83 hours of training. You can get the bundle now for $49 via the Popular Science Shop.

Creating games from scratch takes both technical skill and creativity. This is what makes game development such an engaging career. Whether you want to join one of the big studios or release the next indie smash on Steam, this bundle helps you get there.

Through hands-on video tutorials, you learn to work with Unity and Unreal Engine—two of the most popular frameworks around. You also discover how to build games for iOS and design your own levels. There are plenty of projects to try, and you walk away with a working knowledge of C# and Python.

These courses are $1,477 put together, but you can grab them now for just $49.