Pay what you want for 38 hours of WordPress training

Master the platform that powers one quarter of the whole Web.

Over the past few years, WordPress has become a dominant force on the web. Today, the platform powers 25 percent of all websites. If you want to launch your own sites or become a freelance developer, the 2017 WordPress Hero Bundle offers eight courses and 38 hours of training. The best part? You can name your own price at the Popular Science Shop.

Because WordPress is so versatile, there are many skills to learn. For instance, these courses help you to set up a successful online shop or a beautiful blog. You also learn to design your own responsive themes and custom plugins. The hands-on tutorials start from scratch, so you don’t need any previous experience.

Along with the technical side, you learn how to drive traffic to your site and monetize those hits. The courses look at search engine optimization, affiliate links, social media links, newsletters, and much more. Whatever you are hoping to achieve online, this bundle will help you smash through your goals.

To start learning, simply name your price on the Learn How to Build An eCommerce Website course. Beat the average price paid to unlock the full lineup, worth $1,243.