PopSci's 2016 holiday GIF guide

Yes, you have to pronounce GIF incorrectly for this joke to work

It's the holiday season, and that means all of your favorite sites have rounded up their favorite products in a plethora of gift guides. But the holidays shouldn't be about presents—or at least not only about presents. They should be about learning to better communicate with our fellow man. Non-verbal communication can be used to break down language barriers, and GIFs and emoji are no exception. In that spirit, Popular Science proudly presents the 2016 Holiday GIF guide.

(Author's note: Yes, the proper way to pronounce GIF is "jif," but please say it with a hard 'g' for the sake of wordplay.)

When someone shows up to dinner with a very cute newborn baby and/or a dog

When that one relative who's terrible at cooking (but loves to cook) shows up with a burnt casserole

When you learn something new by reading Popular Science

When you think you're safely avoiding politics by talking about Broadway shows, but then your uncle brings up the time Mike Pence went to Hamilton

When you actually follow through and go to the gym regularly, as per your New Year's resolution

When you're the baby of the family and not getting enough attention

When Grandma keeps using 'text' and 'e-mail' interchangeably

When you're dreading going home to an empty fridge, but then mom hands you a ton of leftovers

When your final presentation at school goes horribly wrong (or horribly right?)

When you see your high school crush after completing your first semester of college

When you're just completely over 2016

When you read the title of this article