Popular Science’s 2015 Holiday Gift Guide

It’s nearly December — which means it’s time to reward the gearheads, techies, and nerds in your life with beautiful, … Continued

It’s nearly December — which means it’s time to reward the gearheads, techies, and nerds in your life with beautiful, cutting-edge pieces of technology. Think of it as back-payment for all the tech support over the year. But when you’re shopping for both style and function, the right gizmos can be hard to find and even harder to choose between. From stylish smartwatches to super-powered gaming graphics, we have some gorgeous gadgets to show ahead.

Surface Book

Microsoft’s first laptop is also a tablet. The Surface Book represents Microsoft’s commitment to high-powered, portable computer machines: the lowest model available is driven by a minimum 8GB of RAM and an Intel i5 processor. The whole system weighs in at 3.34 pounds, and has a comfortable 13.5-inch display. And of course, it comes with the latest Windows 10. From $1499

Nexus 6P

Google’s Nexus phones have always represented the best of pure Android. Now the Nexus line truly has flagship build-quality, a result of Google partnering with Chinese phone giant Huawei. The 6P has a full aluminum body, 5.7-inch AMOLED display with 518 pixels per inch, and a huge 3450 mAh battery. Those are backed by 3GB of RAM and a 2 GHz octa-core processor, and because it’s a Nexus, you’ll get every update from Google first. From $499

Samsung JS7000

If you want a top-tier 4K television without paying top-tier prices, Samsung’s JS7000 delivers—and then some. Samsung’s nanocrystal technology means that they’re able to produce these high-resolution televisions at a lower cost, compared to main competition, LG”s OLED TVs. The JS7000 doesn’t cut any corners, either. It comes with Samsung’s Smart TV operating system, and a quad-core processor for high-def video transcoding. From $799

Samsung Gear S2

Samsung’s new Gear S2 smartwatch line repurposes the traditional components of a watch for the modern world. The watch’s entire bezel (ring around the display) has become how you navigate the device, and Samsung’s Tizen operating system makes switching between functions sleek and intuitive. The kicker—it’s a smartwatch that you want to wear. The entire case is stainless steel, and there’s also a Classic option which conforms to the style of an analog watch. From $249

Master & Dynamic MW60

Once you go to wireless headphones, you never want to turn back. Master & Dynamic is bringing timeless style to the modern bluetooth headphone, with a 16-hour battery and custom 45mm Neodymium drivers. It also has an omnidirectional microphone, so you can use your headphones to field calls. From $549

Revo SuperSystem

When you’re at home, you want great sound and the option to listen to anything you want. The Revo SuperSystem offers all that, in a beautiful package. You can connect wirelessly to the SuperSytem via Bluetooth, Spotify Connect, or with the UNDOK multiroom platform. It also stream more than 24,000 internet radio stations natively. The SuperSystem houses a meaty 80W amplifier with a 40W subwoofer, making it viable for any room in the house (or apartment). From $899

Anova Wi-Fi Sous Vide

It takes a chef’s skill to bring 5 steaks to perfect temperature on a grill, but not with a sous vide machine. Enjoy perfect meats, or even make bespoke liqueurs with the portable and Wi-Fi enabled Anova Sous Vide machine. From $199

Synology DS416 NAS

This is the ultimate nerd gift: practically unlimited storage. The Synology DS416 NAS can house up to 32TB of hard drives over four 3.5-inch slots. The 416 is anything you want it to be: a personal cloud where you can securely share files, a video streaming host, a place to host your personal website, a mail server. Or, just back up all your files and make them accessible anywhere. From $499

Samsung VR 9000 Robot Vacuum

Don’t miss a game-winning play because you’re picking bits of Doritos out of the carpet. With Samsung’s VR 9000, just point the robot vacuum’s remote at the spot you need cleaned, and it will roll over and take care of the rest. It’s like a Roomba that takes orders. From $699

Nvidia GTX 980 Ti

Games like Fallout 4 and Star Wars Battlefront are spectacular, if you have the power to run them at high-resolution. Nvidia’s GTX 980 Ti clocks 7 gigabits per second in memory, and has 6GB of RAM. Those specs can stave off increasing graphics qualities in games for years to come, and drive multiple monitors with ease. From $599

D-Link AC3200 Router

Files are getting bigger, and that means load times on the internet are getting longer. Fight back with D-Link’s AC3200. It can transfer data at 3.2 Gbps, more than enough for even the most demanding 4K and gaming content. You can set up a high-speed 5GHz network for just your devices, another open network for your guests, and even have a 2.4 Ghz network to spare. From $309

Voormi Fall Line Jacket With Core Construction

Unpredictable weather in the backcountry means you have to carry many different layers to deal with the elements. The Voormi Fall Line jacket does away with that. This wool zip-up keeps you warm and comfortable in cool weather but also keeps you dry if you get caught in the rain. The Colorado company calls this Core Construction technology. It knits water-resistant material within the wool into a single layer. This makes it possible to have water-resistant clothes in virtually any material, including cotton and nylon. Voormi released the jacket this fall. From $400

Rif 6 Cube

Forgoing a television and opting for a projector is a great space-saving measure. Going with the Cube saves even more room. Rif6’s Cube projector allows you beam big picture to your wall in lowly-lit rooms. And by connecting to your phone wirelessly, users don’t have to worry about tripping over stray cords in the dark. From $229 on Cyber Monday, $299 normally. Disclaimer: Popular Science will be covering the RIF 6 in a future issue and has an ongoing business partnership with the company.