13 Science-Themed Halloween Costume Ideas For 2016

Because sexy Harambe is in poor taste

Honorable mention goes to the ESA’s Rosetta spacecraft, which made headlines last year for being the first manmade vehicle to land on a comet. Except the “landing” didn’t go as smooth as the agency had wanted. On November 12, 2014, Rosetta released its Philae lander, which traveled down to the surface of comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko. Philae was equipped with harpoons, meant to shoot out and anchor the lander to the comet’s surface. However, the harpoons failed to deploy, and mission specialists admitted it’s possible Philae bounced off the comet before touching down for good. “Maybe today we didn’t just land once, we landed twice,” landing manager Stephan Ulamec joked at a press conference.

Scrambling for a last-minute Halloween costume? Looking for something a little more creative than that same Scream mask you’ve been wearing since 1996? Donald Trump wasn’t a good costume in 2015, and it’s a little too scary this year. Harambe and Dat Boi came and went already. But science news is always cool! So here are 13 Halloween costume ideas, ranging from darkly funny to downright terrifying, pulled from 2016 Popular Science stories.

August Heat

Global temperatures in August.

Black Hole Collision

In case you haven’t heard, scientists announced Thursday that they have detected gravitational waves for the first time, which is a huge deal for several reasons, including the fact that it confirms the predictions of Einstein’s theory of general relativity. Sketchfab user moroplogo animated the collision of two black holes that allowed scientists to detect the waves.
If you want a very spooky idea, how about dressing up as the ongoing reproducibility crisis in psychology that’s currently undermining the field. Researchers have realized that many of the biggest studies in psychology can’t be replicated–one notable example this past summer featured almost two dozen labs failing to verify the results of an influential study. So feel free to staple a bunch of shoddy studies to your clothes and never back up anything you say.
An artist’s idea of what the surface of Proxima b might look like.
Since this summer, Uber’s driverless cars have been roaming the streets of Pittsburgh. What better way to demonstrate that you keep up with tech news than to show up dressed as an Uber self-driving car, equipped with a rooftop camera rig and hopefully not running anybody over. Plus, if you want to leave the party or exit a boring conversation, you can just say you’ve been hailed.
Incubating your Pokémon Go eggs is the best use of micro-transactions in the game (and the best reward system for walking).