This endoscopic camera helps you diagnose problems in tight spaces

Tiny and waterproof, this $42 camera is perfect for finding leaks.

However hard you try, there are some spaces that are impossible to enter. For finding leaks and solving engine issues, the 1080p Wireless Endoscopic Camera makes all the difference. This tiny device sends live HD video back to your smartphone or PC from pipes, cavity walls, and other tight spaces. You can get the camera now for just $41.99 at the Popular Science Shop.

When doctors need to look inside their patients, they will often use a small camera. It allows medics to check for problems without performing surgery. While this endoscopic camera can’t help with medical problems, it does the same job for DIY projects.

The tiny front lens can squeeze into plumbing and under the hood of your car. It has eight adjustable LED lights, and a three-meter cable for good reach. To see the pictures, you simply connect the camera to your phone, tablet, or computer via Wi-Fi. The 1080p footage is crystal-clear, and the whole camera is entirely waterproof, so it’s safe to use in drains.

It’s normally $99.99, but you can grab this Wireless Endoscopic Camera now for $41.99—that’s 58 percent off MSRP.