Little by little, the digital camera is untethering itself from the PC. First there was printing. Then there was in-camera editing, including cropping, red-eye removal and exposure compensation. Now, with Kodak’s EasyShare-one, the last piece falls into place: wireless sharing straight from the cam. Creating a camera that can take a Wi-Fi card doesn’t seem tricky. Kodak’s challenge was making sure users could effortlessly get online; you can add settings for any hotspot or connect setup-free to T-Mobile hotspots around the world. The camera also needed a user interface that makes it easy to e-mail photos, create albums and slide shows, and upload shots to the Kodak EasyShare Gallery site. And it can wirelessly transfer photos to your PC and printer.
Wi-Fi burns through the batteries, so the camera’s wireless connection times out after two minutes of inactivity, and the beautiful three-inch touchscreen dims after a minute. Just in case, a second battery is in the box. 4MP; f2.8â€4.8 3x optical zoom (36mmâ€108mm, 35mm equivalent); $600