Eight ways to shield yourself from the sun

Protection for vampires and shade lovers

Ways to keep the sun away
When the sun's just way too harsh.Pixabay

Now that you don't have to worry about ways to stay warm in the cold, it's time to take on a different beast: the heat. As the sun beats down your back this summer, making sure you have the right gear on can help keep your day as pleasant as the weather outside. While continuously applying sunscreen is a must to protect yourself from the sun's harmful effects, it's easy to forget the other garments that keep you cool by shielding your body from the mighty rays. Here are some protective items that will help you stay shady, and stylin'.

Solergy Visor Glare Blocking Wrap Around Polarized Sunglasses
These Solergy Sunglasses have a black plastic frame that's designed to fit up against your face—the top should hit your forehead—to prevent any sun from sneaking in. This helps stop you from squinting, too, which can often initiate a pounding headache late in the day. Amazon
Car Window Shade
Nobody likes stepping into a hot vehicle. To keep your car cool this summer, pick up some window shades. This dual layer window shade blocks 97 percent of harmful UV Rays. It has a mesh side that protects visibility and a static cling back that allows you to move the shade around. This set comes with three 21 x 14-inch inch shades made for larger cars (SUVs, minivans etc...)Amazon
Nike Golf Tech Visor
This Nike golf tech visor will keep the sun out of your eyes whether you are golfing, fishing, or just walking around your back yard. The polyester and spandex microfiber material is part of Nike's Dri-fit line that helps keep you dry and comfortable even while you are sweating up a storm. The back closure is velcro, so you are covered if your head is in between hat sizes.Amazon
Sun Blocker Unisex Neck Flap Hat Sun Protection Hat
This lightweight, nylon flap hat has a water and stain resistant finish, polyester mesh side panels to help with airflow, and a flap in the eight-inch back to protect your neck and ears. It rolls up—making it super portable—and floats on top of water.Amazon
Sport-Brella Portable All-Weather and Sun Umbrella
How can we talk about keeping the sun away without bringing an umbrella into the conversation? The steel-ribbed Sport-Brella provides eight feet of protection when extended, weighs nine pounds, and is made of water-resistant polyester material. It comes with a strap, carrying bag, eight steel ground stakes, and straps to tie down the umbrella.Amazon
Original Blackout Pleated Paper Shade Black Redi Shade
Keep the sun out so you can get rid of that glare on the TV or sleep until 1pm. These 36 x 72-inch, pleated Redi blackout shades are made of a recyclable paper and come in packs of 6. They block ninety-nine percent of light that tries to get through the window. Plus, there are no installation tools need, and no messy cords. Measure your window, cut the blind to fit, and then use the attached self-adhesive tape to stick it to your window frame.Amazon
SnoozeShade Plus 5-in-1 Universal Stroller UV Cover
This UV shielding stroller cover is made of 100 percent breathable polyester mesh that will fit most single strollers. It has a zip-up panel—which makes it easy to get your baby in and out—and the mesh material will let the kiddos see outside without the harsh sun glaring in their eyes. It will also protect them from other hazards of stroller-riding, like wind and bugs. Also, it's machine washable.Amazon
Umbrella Hat
You've all seen these umbrella hats, but have you ever considered buying one? You should if you have a sense of humor and want 20-inches of sun protection. The elastic strap keeps the umbrella secure on your head. They are ridiculous looking and cheap, but could make for an a-dork-able photo op.Amazon