10 Things We’re Obsessed With In November

Some things are just...better

This article was originally published in the November 2015 issue of Popular Science, under the title “Obsessed.”


Few people enjoy storing a stack of credit cards in their wallet. Coin 2.0 trims the fat. It reprograms its magnetic strip during each purchase, allowing you to put different cards to use. Up to eight cards can be stored in the device at once. Plus it has NFC for tap-to-pay. $100

Thing Explainer

The creator of famed Web comic xkcd is once again venturing into the physical world with his art. Randall Munroe’s newest book, Thing Explainer, tells how everything works—from ballpoint pens to the solar system. Required reading for the curious. $25

Oaxis Bento Inductive Speaker

Moments of silence while pairing friends’ phones to wireless speakers can kill a party’s buzz. Oaxis hopes to make the process smoother: Just lay your device on the stereo’s pad, and you’re done. It supports any phone with a speaker. $80

Connected Cycle

Replace your bike pedals with these smart ones. They pair with an app to notify you when your bike is moved and allows you to track location. Plus, these pedals are self-powered and come with their own Internet connection. $190

Nexpaq Modular Phone Case

Build your dream phone. The Nexpaq case lets you snap in modules to your smartphone that extend battery life, improve its camera, and even add a Breathalyzer. $65


This tiny charging-port attachment plugs into lightning or micro USB ports to allow the cable to attach via magnets. Non-iPhone users get an extra perk: The magnetic adapter makes micro USB connectors reversible. Finally, one fewer plug to insert wrong. Starting at $10

Stanley Classic Volume Growler

There are plenty of vacuum-insulated canteens, but Stanley’s is one of the toughest. It keeps things steaming hot for 12 hours or ice cold for 16 hours without imparting an odd flavor or odor. $50

Google OnHub Router (TP-LINK)

Wi-Fi router setup is frustrating. But Google’s OnHub (TP-LINK variety) employs an easy-to-use app. The router even lets you assign which devices should get faster downloads, see who’s connected, and troubleshoot—all from your phone. $200

Sensel Morph

Sensel built a pressure-sensitive trackpad—with 20,000 embedded sensors—that can morph into hundreds of input devices. Pop on piano keys if you’re feeling like Beethoven, or use a paintbrush if you’d rather get your Picasso on. $249

Star Wars Battlefront

What better way to prepare for Episode VII of the Star Wars saga this fall than to fight on behalf of the Rebel Alliance right now? Star Wars‘ videogame series’ Battlefront is making a comeback after a 10-year hiatus, allowing you to play as classic characters and engage in online multiplayer.** $60**