BB-8 and Force Band

BB-8 will soon respond to your Force powers

Last month, Popular Science visited New York’s Toy Fair 2016, and we’re still impressed by what we saw. The annual gathering of toymakers hints at what’s to come this year in the way of playthings.

After looking high and low for the coolest toys, we’ve compiled a list of the coolest 10. While the show had a lot to offer in the way of high-tech toys, the best of the best makes one thing clear: kids today still have the coolest toys. Scroll through the slideshow below and become green with envy.



Playing Jenga in reverse normally isn’t fun, but the Hoverkraft Levitating Construction challenge proves otherwise. By throwing in magnets, players are tasked with adding pieces to a hovering panel. If the weight of the pieces isn’t distributed properly, everything falls over and you lose. And no one likes to lose. ($30)

Arrow Smart Kart

Arrow’s Smart Kart throws some modern features into the traditional go kart. Wifi and a smartphone app allow parents to set how fast the kart can go. The app also lets you set up a geofence, dictating within what bounds the wirelessly attached kart is able to drive. Anti-collision features and alerts for when it’s activated make this one of the most connected karts around. ($600, early summer 2016)
The 3Doodler Start is the latest 3D-printing pen from this company. This latest iteration provides users with a battery-powered device that uses biodegradable plastic and is BPA-free. Draw your creations using all three dimensions. ($50, shipping May 2016) 3Doodler

Sphero Force Band

Disney tasked Sphero with making the toy of their beloved BB-8 circular droid. Now the company is taking things a step further. The Force Band will allow BB-8 owners to push, pull, and overall control their droid with mid-air gestures, in addition to the app. Finally, the force awakens. (Price TBD)

Razor Hovertrax

Razor is now in the business of making hoverboards. Well, “hover boards.” The Hovertrax scooter offers a chrome finish, LED lights, and durable frame. And best of all it features a lithium ion battery that won’t explode. Sometimes, it’s the little things. ($600)


Piecemaker allows those interested in 3D-printing to get started relatively easily. Using one of their kiosks, users can print toy designs in a round 20 minutes, serving as a great gateway into the realm of printing in the third-dimension. (Price varies based on print)

Zipline Fun

You don’t have to be on vacation in the mountains. Zipline fun lets you pretend to be the action star you’ve always known you could be. $60 and up


Modarri offers cars for your finger. The toys may not be life-sized but they do offer real life-like suspension and steering. Modarri hopes one day fans will be able to 3D print their custom car designs. ($20 and up)
Mario Kart Quadcopter
A Mario Kart-themed drone. What more is there to say? (Price TBD) VideoGameHeat

Duck Hunter 2.0

Duck Hunter Launch & Load is gearing up for the launch of their 2.0 toy. The kit lets you toss a flying duck into the air and use the included (fake) shotgun to take aim and fire. Firing the pseudo-rifle transmits a signal that brings the bird down if you aim properly. Practice safe hunting. ($20)